IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure is one of the main preconditions in delivery one or more services. In an institution, whether it is business or govermental, the existence of infrastucture seems

Multimedia Services Management

Multimedia Services Management means all solutions that are used to handle the management of audio and video data. Graha Fatta provides this kind of solution.

Surveillance and Security System

Surveillance system is a way for doing observation, monitoring, and identification to a particular object. It is usually related to the issue of security, either it for

Applied Software

Generally, we built an particular system, which is designed in accordance with customer’s business circumstances. Usually this system will involve a number of sub systems that more

Renewable Energy

One important and urgent issue at this time is the availability of energy.
As one of the business entities in Indonesia,

Cyber Security

Cyber crime is an effort carried out by using the means of the device or the telematics system, from simple levels to complex levels, with the aim of harming others and benefiting the perpetrators.