Attendance Based Performance Allowance Application

this is an application that develops attendance systems through finger print

This application is used to manage employee attendance data

connect and view employee performance allowance recapitulation.

After attendance using finger print, attendance data and attendance time

will be automatically recorded in this application.

This application will also record the time of attendance and time of the employee’s return automatically.

This results in those who are late will be recorded directly by this application

and experience cutting performance benefits

This application is made to facilitate the calculation of employee performance allowances,

both civil servant / honorary employees or private companies.

this application was created because there are still many employees who do not comply with the working hours policy

In addition to managing employee attendance data, this application can also be used by employees to check the announcement, see the performance allowance recap and enter absent data or go home if you forget attendance via finger print.

With this application, it is expected that the level of employee discipline can be improved because those who calculate the performance recap of their benefits are no longer human, but machines that have no compromise. “Employees must be careful, because just one minute late will affect the performance allowance