Smart Campus Application

Smart Campus application

is the concept of a campus that implements and integrates learning systems with the use of Information Technology.

The application of Information Technology by using the Smart Campus system, not only facilitates the teaching-learning process, but also in the process for the benefit of campus management affairs, libraries and so on.

The following are the features offered by the Smart Campus system, including:

Integrated Academic System – SPMB

CAT (Online Entrance Examination) – Asset Management

e-Office – Library

Finance – Scholarships

EDOM (Lecturer Evaluation by Students) – Tracer Study

Smart Parking – Smart Café

using Smart Campus, all elements related to campus become interconnected with each other. Everything is connected to each other starting from lecturers, staff, students, parents / guardians of students and also operators in order to facilitate activities related to campus.

As an example of the application of Smart Campus is the use of an Integrated Academic System. By using the Integrated Academic System in Smart Campus, employees can use student lecture data to be used in the interests of other systems. For example in the Financial system (Finance), Library, Smart Cafe, Smart Parking, Scholarships and other interests.

The advantages of using a system like this are:

  1. Campus staff do not need to input the same student data repeatedly, just one input. This data input can also be taken from the SPMB system (New Student Admissions System) which previously was previously inputted by the prospective students themselves when they want to enroll in the University so that employees do not need to enter it again.
  1. Reduce data duplication. Data is vital in college. You can imagine, every year the college will receive so many students that the longer the data in higher education will increase. If the information system created in the tertiary institution is not made in an integrated manner between one system and another, then there could be duplication of data and this will make the information system in the relevant campus chaotic so that it will spend a lot of time, money and energy to manage multiple data. For this reason, an Integrated Information System is needed.