Multimedia Services Management

Multimedia Services Management means all solutions that are used to handle the management of audio and video data. Graha Fatta provides this kind of solution.

  • IP PBX Solutions.

It handles the audio (telephony) services management in a restricted or particular area. The management can be handled in a centralized or distributed way, in accordance with the user’s condition.
Some of the advantages from this kind of solution are the possibility for users to do the management independently, safe communication, and also reduces the cost appears from long distance communication.

  • Video Conference

It handles the management of video communication (including audio) to get a real-time inter-active communication, by using the broadband canal provided by the telecommunication provider.

  • Command Center

Command Center is one of the facilities needed by the company in carrying out Crisis Management or Business Continuity Management.

The Command Center is a complete location with the necessary infrastructure, where a Director (CMT Chair) is together with the Team, to conduct meetings, make decisions to assign, coordinate, monitor and control all necessary actions in response to the crisis facing the company, includes: emergency response measures, action plans for improvement and recovery, procurement steps, and steps to provide public information.

  • Digital Signage

Increasing numbers of public places – such as shopping centers, squares, bus terminals, hospitals, banks, cinemas, and many other locations where a group of people gather – move away from traditional poster ads and display information; switch to digital sign, instead.

One of the advantages of digital signage is that traditional advertising is static and quickly becomes boring, while digital signage continues to change color, shape and words to produce dynamic impact when delivering product marketing messages or introducing company corporate image.