Command Center

Command Center is one of the facilities needed by the company in carrying out Crisis Management or Business Continuity Management.

The Command Center is a complete location with the necessary infrastructure, where a Director (CMT Chair) is together with the Team, to conduct meetings, make decisions to assign, coordinate, monitor and control all necessary actions in response to the crisis facing the company, includes: emergency response measures, action plans for improvement and recovery, procurement steps, and steps to provide public information.

As a complement to the Command Center, companies need to have emergency facilities that are often needed to deal with crisis situations at disaster sites. These facilities are:

  1. Incident Command Post is placed at the disaster location, complete with the Command Center communication system. This facility can take the form of vehicles, trailers, tents or in buildings.
  2. Shelter / Base complete with logistical and medical support and access. A refuge for company staff who were evacuated or trapped in a disaster location.
  3. Mobile Generators and Mobile Fuel Tanks are used for emergency power needs at disaster locations needed by the Emergency Response Team (ICP, Shelter / Base) (**)