Renewable Energy

One important and urgent issue at this time is the availability of energy.
As one of the business entities in Indonesia,

we pay attention in this matter.
Relative renewable energy does not have limited availability,
and Indonesia has many natural resources such as sunlight, water and wind.

At present, we have the ability to do design, production and implementation work, with many solutions based on solar energy utilization,
by using solar panels.

The advantages of using solar energy solutions include:
1. Using an energy source that never runs out.
2. Clean and environmentally friendly technology.
3. Age using a relatively long solar panel.
4. Installation is easy and fast.
Several implementations of applied solar-based solutions include:
1. Solar Home System
2. Vaccine Cooling
3. Water Pump
4. Solar Carts
5. Cooling Room (Freezer)
6. Learning lamp